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Officers can also be reached by utilizing the Department email.

Use the Officer's 1st initial of their 1st name, full last name, followed by


Mifflin County Regional Police Department utilizes a voice mail system due to variations in scheduling which allows the general public a means of contacting our personnel.  To access the voice mail system, dial (717)248-1900.  When the recorded message begins, enter the extension of the person for which you would like to leave a message.  After recording your message you may hang up.  The officer will re-contact you when they return to duty and retrieve the message.

Directory of Officers

Chief S. Mauery Shift Assignment/Dept. Chief 628
Secretary n/a n/a 600
Detective J. Aurand M-F; 7 am -3 pm 633
SRO R. Haines M-F; 7 am - 3 pm, (summer shift assignment) 615
Sergeant J. Chester Shift Assignment/Shift Supervisor 632
Sergeant A. French Shift Assignment/Shift Supervisor 631
Corporal E. Norman Shift Assignment/Patrol 634
Corporal B. Pully Shift Assignment/Patrol 630
Corporal A. Stanton Shift Assignment/Patrol 612
Corporal R. Whisler Shift Assignment/Patrol 613
Patrolman C. Kaniecki Patrol 636
Patrolman J. Miles Patrol 635
Patrolman E. Reed Patrol 624

**MCRPD currently does not employ a full time secretary and office hours are not consistent.  The best way to contact an officer is to phone the Department and leave a voice mail message. 


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