The Patrol Division of Mifflin County Regional Police is just as with any police agency, the backbone of the Department.  Officers assigned to patrol respond to more that ninety percent of approximately 8,000 requests for service each year.  These calls run the gambit of law enforcement activities, from requests for traffic control, to domestic disputes, to homicides.  In all likelihood, if you have had contact with a police officer, it has been one from the patrol division.

Before joining the patrol division, newly hired officers must successfully graduate from one of the approved Municipal Police Academies in Pennsylvania.  Although certification through the Academy process allows a person to begin enforcing the law, an additional step is taken at M.C.R.P.D.  Each new officer is paired with a Field Training Officer (FTO).  The FTO is responsible for guiding and evaluating the new officer as he transitions from the  classroom to the street.  This process assures the public that when they interact with any officer from the patrol division, they are dealing with a well-educated, informed law enforcement professional.

Ride Along/Internship Program

The Patrol Division also provides a Ride Along Program to area college students.  If you are a college student that needs to complete an internship as part of your course work for graduation please contact Sgt. A. French at or (717)248-1900 ext 631 for further information.  Due to certain liabilities the Ride Along Program/Internship is not available to the general public; you must be enrolled in a School of Higher Education and be required to complete an internship and be 18 years or older.  You must also pass a background/criminal history check to be eligible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyday police officers are asked many questions by the public concerning issues that they face.  The Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to provide an easy way for the public to find answers to those common questions.  Please note that legal matters are often complicated, the information found on the page is not a substitute for advice from an attorney.





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